We continued with our Food Waste Action Week with more tips for you.


Food Waste Action Week


FoodAWARE Food Waste Action Week Best Before tipsHere’s a brilliant one for you and the best starting point we know, it’s also the very cornerstone of Food Aware, date labels.

Do you know the difference between Use by and Best Before?

If you’re throwing food away because it’s past it’s best before date you’re throwing money away. You can eat food past its best before date, all this date means is that after it has passed the quality may reduce slightly. It won’t harm you, but you could find biscuits or crisps that might be a bit soft for example.

Tinned foods have been scientifically proven to be perfectly safe and edible for decades past their best before dates!!

So when you’re next tidying out your food cupboard and filling those bin bags, take a moment to think twice, does that date really matter, or could you donate the food to someone else?


Meal Planning


FoodAWARE supporting Food Waste Action Week Meal PlanningContinuing our Food Waste Action Week tips, we want to talk about meal planning. By having a meal plan and shopping for the items on that plan you can help save waste. Another bonus is it prevents impulse buys and so you also save money.

Meal planning is easy and doesn’t need to cost anything. It can be done on a simple bit of notepaper. Or if you want to be more adventurous how about using a side of A4 and having some fun drawing and decorating it?

You can also print off lots of different free ones online like the example I have shared today, or even buy special whiteboards, loads of options.

The most important thing in meal planning is making it work for you. A couple of minutes is all it takes even if you’re busy, it really is a skill for everyone to learn and use.

Give it a try, challenge yourself to waste zero food from your next shop. Let us know how you get on.




OlioCarrying on with our tips for Food Waste Action week, we have a new trick for you, how about instead of saving your OWN food from waste you rescue other people’s?

Olio is a really cool App available on Android and Apple, you sign up and you can then see people offering food freely locally to you.

There are even Olio food waste heroes who collect and list items from local shops and supermarkets, there some amazing things on there and even better it is all free, the best price tag in the world.

As if that wasn’t good enough, you can also offer your own items, if you can’t eat it, list it, share it, gift it.

Find out more about Olio by clicking here.


Mexborough Foodbank


FoodAWARE supporting Mexborough Foodbank helping the local communityBusy weekly Friday sessions continue with 26 food parcels out on Fri 19th & 24 food parcels out on Fri 26th Feb….all delivered by our fab volunteers in Mexborough, Conisbrough & Denaby areas.

Quite a few ‘thank yous’ from the last couple of weeks so here goes! –

Huge thanks to Abdul & the team at Ilhaam Connected Networks for another fab donation last Friday!

Also to Molly Wilson and her colleagues at Holiday Inn Express Rotherham – North Holiday Inn Express for a fantastic donation of children’s toys, books, gifts etc a couple of weeks ago!!

Also to Sachin the Pharmacist at The New Surgery in Mexborough for a fab substantial food donation for local families.

Also to Christine & Brian England of Mexborough Christian Community Church for another £100 donation and to Jean Jordan for a £50 donation….both of which will be used to purchase additional food items.

And more donations of household / white goods collected by our team – leather chair, TV and cabinet, rug etc which will be great for some of our local families.


Learning About Eggs


FoodAWARE supporting Food Waste Action Week EggsContinuing with the Food Waste Action Week, let’s talk about eggs, how do we know when an egg is no longer good for eating and what can we do to save them from the bin.

Eggs from the supermarket come with a Best Before Date, maybe you have looked at this and binned eggs as you thought they weren’t fit to eat. But then historically how did we know?

Eggs bought at farms and smallholdings don’t have dates on them, so how then would you know and when would you bin them?

Fortunately, there are some really easy ways to figure out how fresh your eggs are and what is best to do with them at what point, like old eggs always make the best meringue, yet the freshest of eggs make the most delicious fry up.

Okay so now you know how to work out how old your egg is what are we going to do to stop them from heading to the bin 🤔
Here are a few ideas,

  • Crack them and freeze them.
  • Make meringues and custard, both of those freeze too, as do lots of cakes and puddings that use eggs.
  • Boil them and put them in the fridge for snacks and sandwiches.

These are just a few ideas but eggs are so versatile we could go on forever.