It is a shame but we received this statement from Mexborough Foodbank concerning the availability of The Willows on Wath Road, Mexborough.

Well…yesterday we found out that the ‘Asset Board / Decision Making Group’ at Doncaster Council has decided to offer our community venue to a council-run service on a permanent basis from 4th Jan 2021!

We have been happily running our essential grassroots service from ‘The Willows’ community centre on Wath Road, Mexborough since June 2020 as we were unable to use space next door at Mexborough Family Hub due to Covid restrictions and outgrowing the space we need to run this local solutions service.

DMBC held a ‘competitive’ building tender process throughout Oct/Nov on a ‘community letting’ basis and we submitted a collaborative bid based on our excellent community partnership with Mexborough Christian Community Church

MCCC has supported us every single week since March 2020, when the Covid pandemic hit our communities, helping us deliver 30-45 food/personal hygiene/sanitary etc parcels out to local families in need in conjunction with community partner referrals.

This is a real ‘kick in the teeth’ to our grassroots community provision at a time when our local communities most need us….and just before Christmas.

DMBC has assured us that will try and continue to support Mex Foodbank but due to the authority’s rigid covid restriction measures, this council service insists on exclusive use of any building they occupy during the Covid period!

Even more disappointing, the ‘Decision Making Group’ have completely discarded our other partnership activities with MCCC and Food Aware CIC!

What about the growing ‘community hub’ which has developed over the past six months? What about the developing ‘multi bank’ facilities being provided?

Not just food but clothing, toys, books, sanitary, school uniforms, nappies, personal hygiene items etc? Providing numerous ‘Local Solutions’ across Mex, Conis, Denaby plus also reaching out to Edlo, Rosso etc.

What about all the stuff the church and FA have developing behind the scenes such as all of the sports, dance, wellbeing, educational, counselling, debt advice services etc etc?

So one council service moves in….and kicks several Local Solutions services OUT.

Do the ‘Decision Making Group’ actually realise and understand just how many hours our respective team put it at The Willows each week and the amount of space we actually need to deliver Covid response/recovery services?!

We are currently using an easy 80% of The Willows community centre three days per work with 10+ volunteers each week providing circa 30-35 food parcels each week, in turn, supporting circa 100 people each and every week.

The authority wants to move five or six vulnerable adults with learning difficulties into the building with strict Covid restrictions….in the height of winter….who would frankly be much better off and safer at home with their families.

This is utter madness and we are deeply disappointed with this decision.

Merry Christmas to the ‘Decision Making Group, at Doncaster Council and we hope you enjoy your festive leave having got this decision made and off your desks….while we now have to find a new home and try our best serve the local community when it most needs us!

For information, most of the agency referrals we receive for FREE FOOD PARCELS to be delivered to homes for FREE by our volunteers in their OWN CARS and in their OWN TIME…come from Doncaster Council and St Leger Homes. Enough said!


Venture Taxis Doncaster

Venture Taxis supporting FoodAWARE CICHuge thanks to Venture Taxis Doncaster for this fantastic donation!

Will be really appreciated by so many families across Mexborough, Denaby, Conisbrough & Swinton areas in conjunction with our community partner Mexborough Foodbank

Merry Christmas! 🎅🎄🤶


Local Community Donations

Preparing parcels to be delivered to local communityA huge pleasure to be a part of this and help coordinate with our fab Food Aware CIC team and proactive community partners!

Ken helped organise 28 very wholesome, varied food parcels across Swinton & Kilnhurst. They also dropped off a few toys while they were at it.

Great work Ken Wyatt Helen Wyatt et al!

A special thanks also to the fab Jamie Cameron of Jamies Fruit And Veg for his very generous donations! And of course to Lidl GB Aldi UK Co-op local stores for providing their surpluses!

Well done guys! You smashed it! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas To Everyone

30 Tea Rooms Mexborough supporting FoodAWARE CICWe hope that everyone is having a very safe, relaxing and enjoyable Christmas!

What a year it has been. Our team, projects, support, output, partnerships, impact and demand has grown from strength to strength as we have risen to the significant challenges which 2020 has thrown at us all.

We have a LOT of social media to share with you of all of the community activities and partnership work supporting our local communities….so watch this space over the festive period!

One of the fantastic Christmas projects we helped pull together very quickly this last week was to provide 30 Christmas meals to local vulnerable people/families less fortunate based on direct referrals from Doncaster Council Communities South Area Team St Leger Homes Doncaster Doncaster Wellbeing & Mexborough Family Hub.

Yorkshire Family Butchers Mexborough supporting FoodAWARE CICA HUGE THANKS to the fantastic Helen & Dave of 30Mexborough Tea Rooms with all of the meat donated by the fab Zac Perry of Yorkshire Family Butchers Ltd & veg donated by the equally fab Jamie Cameron of Jamies Fruit And Veg plus Christmas Puddings, stuffing & all sauces donated by the fab Steve Percival of Discount Food Centre….and a few extra festive goodies (mince pies, selection boxes etc) & foil/foil trays donated by us at Food AWARE CIC.

And to the fab volunteers who prepped all of the vegetables especially Charles Prouten Dave McCabe and Erica McCabe & partner Andrew plus our Ops Manager Mel Howram who sorted the deliveries….plus Chaz as well!

This happened….in time for Christmas!

What a partnership. Well done guys….so so proud of you all! Merry Christmas 🎅🎅🎄🤶🤶


Superman Chas supporting FoodAWARE CIC