typewriterHere at Food AWARE we love to hear and read about the great work people are doing throughout the world to help combat the huge problem of food wastage.

This is why we have created a section in our website to allow ‘guests’ to send us a relevant guest article which we will post on our website for our visitors to read.

The content has to be in line with what as a social enterprise Food AWARE stands for and we will only post articles on this subject.

If you wish to send an article for us to post then please contact us at info@foodawarecic.org.uk and give us a brief summary of the article and we will reply letting you know if this is suitable and we will ask you to send the full article (including images) for us to post.

You can also use the contact form here if you wish to do so.

Find below links to our ‘Guest articles’.

Can You Eat Healthily on a Tight Budget?

by Jenni Halton


How Food Banks are Helping Communities during the Credit Crunch

by Jenni Halton


Wiping out food waste – one plate at a time

by Jenni Halton