Food AWARE Poem

If a cucumber is bendy does it alter the taste?
Should a glut of tomatoes be thrown out as waste?
When you mash a potato does it matter the shape?
Or a bottle of wine from a non-perfect grape?
All this food we produce to throw tons away
While millions are starving to death every day
We started this project because we really care
So just donate all your surplus to help Food AWARE
We will sort it and pack it and then give it away
A box full of good food can make someone’s day
Don’t send it to landfill, that’s not the done thing
We will call and collect it if you give us a ring!
If you need our help then please get in touch
If we all get involved it would help us much
For the poor and the needy the cupboard is bare
Lets fill it a plenty……….SUPPORT FOOD AWARE!