Food AWARE _ Factory Foods support Chernobyl Children - 07-07-10Chernobyl Children

In June/July 2010, Food AWARE supported the local Barnsley ‘Chernobyl Children’ project by donating lots of surplus food to help feed the 12 children from Belarus and the host families who kindly look after them during their month’s stay in the UK.

This is the second year we have supported this fantastic project and are delighted to have supported them this year in partnership with Factory Foods in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Food AWARE supplied bread, bread rolls, sausage rolls, sandwiches, fruit, cakes, tomatoes, cucumber etc and Factory Foods kindly donated some biscuits, soft drinks, water, chocolate etc which was made a huge difference to those involved with the project! See photo below of Steve Thomas, Barnsley CC Project Co-ordinator along with a colleague, two of the visiting Belarus Children and Sean Gibbons, Managing Director of Food AWARE CIC (middle) .